Performed by the Lebanon Trail High School percussion ensemble from Frisco, Texas, under the direction of Rob Parks.

Music available at Tapspace

Instrumentation: Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Marimba (4-octave), Drums (concert toms (2), concert bass drum), Cymbals & gongs (hi-hat, ride cymbal, suspended cymbal, tam-tam), Accessories (triangle)

Can be performed as a septet w/all parts, or as a quartet by only using the solo marimba part plus the 3 percussion parts.

Program Notes:

Numerology began as a short sketch to display some compositional techniques to students in the composition track at the Birch Creek Music Performance Center in 2018. After writing the initial sketch, I felt the ideas had enough merit to develop them further into a complete work.

Beyond this, I have always felt it was important to create repertoire for younger performers. Sadly, I had yet to do so. This sketch provided me with the perfect opportunity to provide such a piece to percussionists.

The title refers simply to the use of numbers and groupings that I used as the initial thematic material.