Performed by the University of Kentucky Percussion Ensemble, Alex Harmon, marimba soloist

Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.

Instrumentation: 2 marimba (5 octave), xylophone, crotale (2 octave), 2 mark tree, 2 suspended cymbal, 2 sizzle cymbal, bells, vibraphone, chimes, finger cymbals, 3 triangles

Program Notes:

…folded… can be looked at as a piece of loose leaf paper folded upon itself at random. Areas of the material – corners – lines – edges – are now layered on top of one another in what seems like chaos and disarray. And yet there is still an order to the chaos. All of the lines are straight, the material is still clean and unmarked, and if unfolded, the piece of paper is still complete, though now marred by its shaping. It was commissioned by James Campbell for the University of Kentucky Percussion Ensemble’s 2007 PASIC Showcase Concert in Columbus, OH.


“Brian Nozny’s “…folded…” is scored for solo marimba (5-octave) with percussion quartet accompaniment. The accompanying percussion parts utilize only keyboard instruments (xylophone, bells, vibes and an additional 5-octave marimba) and small metallic instruments such as finger cymbals, triangles, mark tree and suspended cymbals. The style of Nozny’s work is relaxed and contemplative. This does not mean, however, that the work lacks challenges. The soloist and ensemble members must be of considerable skill to lock in the frequently overlapping hemiolas. The soloist must be an accomplished marimbist with the ability to perform independent rolls and tricky linear figures. “…folded…” is a refreshing work that utilizes sound and texture rather than speed and volume to showcase the marimbist.” – Scott Herring – Percussive Notes, October 2008

Sample Score …folded…

Tim Wilburn, Jon Doty, Alex Harmon, Brian Nozny, Aaron Graham, and Steve Logan after the PASIC Premier of …folded…